Knowsley Community & Voluntary Services


Leadership. Ingenuity. Sector Social Growth

Knowsley Better Together


KCVS is the local independent body that works with and for the Social Sector delivering social action in Knowsley.

Our Belief

We believe that Social Capital, Social Justice and Social Value are equal and meaningful economic drivers.

Our Values

Insight: harnessing information, knowledge and experience

Authenticity: keeping it real, relevant and rooted in Knowsley

Boldness: having the courage to be brave, be objective, be leaders and get the job done

KCVS builds resilience and viability in Social Sector organisations, we do this through;

  • Forging active alliances across sectors
  • Creating pathways that enable and enhance sector activity
  • Providing the local sector with practical support and development services

Did you know we have over 800 members?

Why not ask us for details about how your organisation can become a member.

Our vision is a strong, vibrant, independent Social Sector delivering social action that enables communities to thrive.