Knowsley Community & Voluntary Services


Leadership - Ingenuity - Sector Social Growth

Who we are

We are the local independent body that works with and for the Social Sector delivering social action in Knowsley

Our History

Knowsley CVS today evolved from Huyton with Roby Council for Social Service (HCSS) inaugurated in 1963 to create interventions for social welfare and relief.  Incorporated in 1989, Knowsley CVS has been the active body supporting and developing Social Action in Knowsley for over 50 years.

The organisation has led the establishment of many responses to social need in Knowsley which are still independent organisations today, including Citizens Advice Bureau, The First Step, Lyndale Cancer Care and The Carers Centre.

Throughout its history the organisations core purpose has remained consistent.  To support social action to provide innovative responses to social need.  To communicate, represent and champion the value of social action and to represent the best interests of the local Sector.

Our Vision

Our vision is a strong, vibrant, independent Social Sector delivering social action that enables communities to thrive

Our Belief

Social Capital, Social Justice and Social Value are equal and meaningful economic drivers.

What we do

We build resilience and viability in Social Sector organisations, we do this through;

  • Forging active alliances across sectors
  • Creating pathways that enable and enhance sector activity
  • Providing Sector organisations practical support and development services and products

Our Values

Insight; harnessing information, knowledge and experience

Authenticity; keeping it real, relevant and rooted in Knowsley

Boldness; having the courage to be brave, be objective, be leaders and get the job done


  • Sector Led Peer Support Forum’s
  • New ventures (to mobilise social action)
  • Sector Collaborations (to scale up social action)
  • Social Value partnerships with the private sector.


  • Strategic Partnerships with the public and private sector
  • Representation
  • Influencing policy
  • Lobbying and Campaigning for the social sector


  • Providing expert Advice Information and Guidance to support and develop Sector organisations in their:
    • Governance
    • Management
    • Social Impact
    • Legal, compliance and regulatory responsibilities
    • Policy understanding– local, regional and national
    • Funding
    • Finance
    • Insurance
  • Start up to scale up for new and established ventures
  • Enterprise in Communities
  • Illuminate Masterclass programme
  • Confidential mentoring
  • Bespoke consultancy services to add capacity
  • Developing Volunteering Involving Organisations
  • Trustee recruitment and Induction
  • Events and Networking opportunities
  • Newsletters