If you are a Knowsley-based voluntary or community organisation which currently uses volunteers, or if you are looking to recruit volunteers, the Volunteer Centre in Knowsley can support you with recruiting, managing and retaining your volunteers.

We work with organisations primarily from the voluntary and community sector. This can include social enterprises and community interest companies. We also work with Knowsley Council and other statutory organisations.

We can assist private sector organisations with implementing Employee Supported Volunteering (ESV) programmes if this benefits the local community. For more information about eligibility, please contact us.

Registering Your Organisation

For support with your volunteers, you will need to register with us. Once you register all of your volunteering opportunities with us you will increase the numbers of people who become aware of your opportunities and your organisation.  Email kcvs@kcvs.org to request a copy of our registration forms and the One Approach to Volunteering pledge.

What We Offer To Support Volunteer Involving Organisations
  • Information, training and support for organisations who recruit and manage volunteers
  • Policy development and advice on best practice
  • Training for volunteer involving organisations
  • Promotion and development of volunteering locally

Why not join our Volunteer Co-ordinators Forum –next meeting 14th July  – and/or register to receive our specific Volunteer Centre newsletter.

 Promoting Your Volunteer Opportunities

Our website is linked to the national do-it website (www.do-it.org) where prospective volunteers can filter their search by geographical area, type of volunteering and area of interest. We will publicise your opportunities through do-it, our own website where your organisation will have a small profile, our social media channels and our monthly newsletter, as well as with other third parties as appropriate.

Advice On Good Practice And Training

We can support you with managing your volunteers and help you ensure that all your paperwork, policies and procedures are relevant and in line with best practice. We can advise on quality assurance systems. We are members of the national volunteering membership organisation NCVO, and so have access to their good practice bank, exclusive members-only guidance and information sheets.

We also circulate any relevant information about national and local government policy concerning volunteering to organisations on our database.

We occasionally run training workshops in Volunteer Management and other volunteer-related topics. Where we cannot deliver we will signpost you to other agencies who can. We work in partnership with the other Volunteer Centres on Merseyside and regionally to identify and develop resources and training for volunteer involving organisations.

Recruiting volunteers who are also claiming benefit – DWP Advice  and/or speak to the individual’s work coach. If you are looking to recruit refugees or asylum seekers there are some specific issues to consider, see here or for those seeking to recruit from outside the UK.

For general guidance on volunteering and the law see NCVO webinar here 

Helping You To Develop Your Opportunities

If you want advice on improving the way you manage and recruit your volunteers, or support with developing your volunteer opportunities, we can offer one-to-one support over the phone, in person, by email or you can come along to one of our monthly advice sessions.  Our staff can come out and visit your organisation to discuss your volunteer needs in more detail if required.

 Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV)

ESV is often implemented as part of an organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy. Organisations usually operate an ESV scheme in one or more of the following ways:

  • Employees are given more flexibility from their employer and encouraged to engage in volunteering in their own time (e.g. through a sabbatical or flexible working)
  • The employer organises volunteering activities for chosen good causes, perhaps organising a drive or campaign, and allow employees a set number of paid hours per year to volunteer
  • Employers enable employees to give their time and skills to voluntary and community organisations on a ‘pro-bono’ basis, for instance, consultation or assistance with administration

If your organisation is interested in implementing an ESV scheme then please get in touch and we can help guide you through the process. If you are already operating an ESV scheme, we would love to hear from you.

See report on a recent ESV project at Knowsley Village Stables CIC

For further information on any of the above please contact us by telephone 0151 489 1222 or email kcvs@kcvs.org during our opening hours 9.30 am – 4.30 pm Monday to Friday 

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