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Introducing the Knowsley Forums

by | Oct 10, 2017 | KCVS News |

A regular series of six Communities of Practice, independent, sector-led forums, where you’ll be free to discuss and learn from peers. Each separate forum will be held every two months.

Trustees                                                                  From 14th November 5.30pm

Social Sector Leaders                                             From 5th December 10.30am

Social Economy Providers                                       From 12th December 10.30am

Volunteer Co-ordinators                                           From 15th December  10.30am

Social Entrepreneurs                                                From 9th January 10.30am

Fundraisers and financing                                        From 19th December 10.30am

Please click here to see a full calendar of events.

If you’d like to come along for a wide-ranging discussion on issues relevant to your role in the social sector in Knowsley, email Lindsey at or phone us on 0151 489 1222 or subscribe below and we’ll keep you updated about all of our activities.


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