One Approach to Volunteering is a best practice framework developed in partnership with KCVS and Knowsley Council.

The Vision 

Knowsley has a vibrant and active volunteer culture that supports communities to build the capacity to enable people to be more engaged, responsible and involved in solving their own problems.

Core Principles


Volunteering must be a choice freely made by each individual.


Volunteering in Knowsley is open to all regardless of race, gender, carer status, gender identity, sexual orientation, offending past, disability, socio-economic status, age and religion or belief.

Mutual Benefit

Both the individual volunteer and the organisation should benefit. The giving of time voluntarily establishes a reciprocal relationship in which the volunteer benefits and feels that his/her contribution is personally fulfilling, whilst the organisation benefits from their contribution and skills.


Recognising the contribution of volunteers is fundamental in creating positive and fair relationships between volunteers, third sector organisations , public sector bodies and other partner organisations. This includes recognising the contribution to the organisation, the community, the local economy and wider social growth.

Volunteer Centre Activity is informed by the Knowsley Volunteer Strategy 2015 – 2019. Key Strategic Aims and Outcomes


In keeping with the One Approach core principles Knowsley Volunteer Centre is a signatory to the Keep Volunteering Voluntary Campaign   Keep Volunteering Voluntary 

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