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Case studies and stories from individuals and voluntary and community groups, faith organisations, social enterprises and CICs in Knowsley.

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Volunteering Makes You Happy!

  Knowsley Community & Voluntary Services   Leadership. Ingenuity. Sector Social Growth "I have been working at Willowbrook charity shop in Page Moss since May, thanks to support from Sharon Dowell at Community Integrated Care and Lindsey Harrison at...

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Partnership for Leaning

Maureen has single handedly reinvented a failing business/company into a now thriving business, charity and community centre. Maureen played a key role in ensuring many members of staff kept their job and made other voluntary and part time roles for others. At 70...

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Resettlement Project – Knowsley Supported Lodgings

I’ve just been to see Ian at his new job, proudly standing outside Home Bargains in his uniform.  2 years ago Ian moved out of a placement with Knowsley Supported Lodgings into his own flat, aged just 19.  He was worried about how he would cope with the demands of his...

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Viva Dance

  Knowsley Community & Voluntary Services   Leadership - Ingenuity - Sector Social Growth There is something special about being around dancers. Could it be the rhythm or maybe the underlying beat? Whatever it is the positive energy is impossible to...

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The First Step

Formerly Knowsley Domestic Violence Support Services – KDVSS Imagine there are two options. Option 1: take on a challenge that is almost guaranteed to be wildly unpopular in certain quarters. Option 2: stay in the mainstream and work to improve things within the...

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Listening Ear

Statistics vary. Do an internet search for how many people in the UK experience mental health problems and you will get answers varying from 1 in 6 people to as many as 1 in 2-3 people – most sources go for 1 in 4. Whatever we think about statistics, and whatever we...

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Home-Start Knowsley

What’s the link between stress busting courses, a herb growing mission, exploring sibling rivalry, debt management skills and First Aid training? Answer: all this and much, much more can be found in the track record of Home-Start Knowsley. Home-Start first began...

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