Partnership for Leaning

Maureen has single handedly reinvented a failing business/company into a now thriving business, charity and community centre. Maureen played a key role in ensuring many members of staff kept their job and made other voluntary and part time roles for others. At 70 years of age Maureen still does 10 hour days to ensure the charity draws in business.
Maureen made it clear to the team that everyone has to take on roles that go outside of their job description and she lead by example by cleaning toilets, rooms and helping in the kitchen when needed.
Maureen has opened the doors of PFLC to many different companies no matter their size or wealth and will always find a way to make sure they get the best from the facilities.
All the staff in PFLC would agree that working for Maureen can be a challenge as she never misses a trick but equally it is the most rewarding as she never fails to notice the staff’s hard work and will offer rewards for hard work.
Without Maureen’s determination to keep the building alive the members of staff currently under her employment would be out of work, as she makes it possible for staff to balance work and private commitments well.
Maureen has worked in the charity sector for many of her years and to this day still makes an impact on many young people she has helped. She is a well known face around her local area and the young people she helped over 10 years ago still acknowledge the opportunities she gave them to prevent them ending up in the wrong crowds.
Maureen has offered many young people in her local area the chance to engage with various activities to keep them off the streets and out of trouble. She has taken part in many residentials and over come many of her own fears to ensure the young people get the most from the experiences.
Maureen is an inspiration and role model to many people that she doesn’t realise; she is humble and doesn’t revel in the lime light.
For more information about the work of Maureen and her team at Partnership for Learning go to or call 0151 288 2100