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On-line Resources

NCVO offer a range of online support for Social Sector organisations including Know How Non Profit – a ‘go to place’ for social learning in the sector and StudyZone, which is a video training platform. KCVS have contributed to the StudyZone site through a Cabinet Office Commission. Look for our Influencing Decision Makers and Commissioners course on the StudyZone site. More links to on-line resources and training are available below.

Starting Up

KCVS can offer support and advice on the best way to start your idea. Whether you are a volunteer led group, a budding social entrepreneur thinking of starting a new social enterprise or a new charity, we can help guide you through the various legal models available and ensure your idea has the right foundations on which to grow. Call to arrange an appointment for an initial chat 0151 489 1222.

The guidance for community interest companies changed in July 2016 so please check the latest advice at

Business Planning

NCVO has produced a useful set of guidelines on how to develop a business plan for charities and voluntary organisations.  Find out more here.

Employing People

If your are thinking about employing people or already have paid employees in the organisation this guide, written specifically for not for profit organisations, may be useful.

It also explains the difference between employees and volunteers. Should you have any specific concerns not covered by this general guidance then please contact us and we’ll find the right advice for you.

Organisational Health

Is your organisation in good health? Regularly checking GRIPP is a good indication of how your organisation is doing. Through the on-line self diagnostic you will be able to look at your Governance, Resources, Information, Projects and People. If you are concerned with the findings in your self-assessment or it has raised unanswered questions for you, then don’t hesitate to contact Knowsley CVS today, for further advice and support.


We keep up to date with the latest funding opportunities and pro-actively develop positive working relationships with grant making bodies. Please see our funding page for latest funding available. We can offer bid writing via our consultancy services, we can also act as a critical friend if you need to triage progressing an application or the content of an application prior to submission. (Please see Funding).


The Institute of Fundraising has some excellent free guidance on how to develop and implement a fundraising plan, including special guidance for Trustees.

Becoming Accredited

Do you want to evidence to funders and commissioners that you are a well run & well managed organisation? Then you may be interested in Star Standard – a quality mark that evidences your organisations capacity to manage its activity. KCVS is a licensed provider of the Star Standard in Knowsley – please contact the team for more information.

Evidencing your Social Value

If you are a Social Sector organisation in Knowsley you are delivering Social Value – But what is it? What does it mean? And most importantly how do you capture your Social Value as an organisation and for what purpose. See our Social Value page for information, advice and training opportunities.

Safeguarding Adults

If you are working with, or providing services to vulnerable adults you have a responsibility to protect them and to ensure you have appropriate policies and procedures in place. Safeguarding adults means protecting an adults right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect. An adult is someone aged 18 years and over. More information on what is defined as abuse and neglect and who potentially is at risk is detailed here together with further details of Knowsley’s response to helping and protecting vulnerable adults.

Safeguarding Children

If you are a charity working with children and young people then the Charity Commission offers clear guidance, although the commission does not administer child protection legislation, it aims to ensure that charities working with, or providing services to, vulnerable beneficiaries protect them as best they can and minimise the risk of abuse.

The commission provides guidance on safeguarding, essential inclusions for child protection policies and child protection procedures and systems.

More information about Safeguarding children and young people in Knowsley can be found via Knowsley Council

Health and Social Care

The Care Quality Commission is an independent regulator of health and social care in England – and has resources and publications of interest to social sector organisations working in health or social care.

Disclosure and Barring Service

DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service, previously known as Criminal Record Bureau – CRB checks).  Knowsley CVS does not offer a service to administrate the Disclosure & Barring Service but can signpost you to local providers if you get in touch with us. If you are wanting to find out more about the DBS service and if it applies to your organisation or your trustees, staff or volunteers then is a good source of information.

Information Governance

Information Commissioners Office (ICO) – is the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.
They have a quick self-assessment tool if you are not sure if you are required to register – and specific guidance for charities and not for profit organisations –


If you are a Charity trustee then your role carries responsibilities. The Charity Commission has guidance on what a trustee MUST do – to meet legal and regulatory requirements or duties and what a trustee SHOULD do – which are the areas of good practice the Commission encourage trustees to follow in carrying out their duties to the charity. See  Thinking of becoming a trustee?  Take a look at some of the benefits and how to apply.

Recruiting Volunteers

You can find more information about the volunteer brokerage service here.  For guidance on recruiting volunteers who are also claiming benefit see DWP advice here and/or speak to the individual’s work coach. If you are looking to recruit refugees or asylum seekers there are some specific issues to consider, see here or for those seeking to recruit from outside the UK.

Working with Universities

There are numerous ways you can draw on the skills and expertise of the academic staff, researchers, students and facilities at all of Merseyside’s universities, whether you are looking for regular volunteers, research into your particular field or the impact of your organisation or one off/ad hoc projects.   More information here.


The KCVS team is happy to talk to you about marketing, promotion, communications and stakeholder mapping and engagement, just call the office to make an appointment or have a chat.  To get you started however here’s a really useful little, practical guide to marketing for non-profit organisations from Community Catalysts

You might also find this guide to developing a social media strategy and plan useful too. the-charity-social-media-toolkit


Further Resources

Charity Commission –

NCVO – studyzone – free or low cost – – volunteer management, commissioning, running an event, marketing

PEARL website – Part-time Education for Adults Returning to Learn

A website with clear information, advice and support to guide learners through a range of educational opportunities from short, free, online courses through to higher level learning.

This new free online resource for adult learners is from the Open University-managed Social Partnerships Network (SPN) consists of a number of organisations that champion workplace and lifelong learning. Together, we have developed a range of great online resources for anyone looking for learning opportunities that will help them to improve their skills and knowledge, move up in their career, or take a new direction. Use the ‘Advise me’ tool to get personalised advice on the best options. Browse through the inspirational case studies to see what can be achieved.

Get all the information you need to get started.

UK On-line Centres –


Open University –

Future Learn –


Volunteer Solutions –

Have you got the Star Standard?

Star Standard

The STAR Standard is a quality standard that is designed to enable voluntary sector groups to demonstrate their effectiveness and contribution to local agendas.

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Volunteers Centre Knowsley

knowsley volunteer centre
Do you need a Volunteer? Are you looking to volunteer?

Find out more about volunteering in Knowsley from our Volunteer Centre

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Funding Information Portal

Merseyside funding Portal

Are you looking for the latest local, regional and national funding information for Merseyside’s Voluntary, Community and Faith (VCF) sector.

Merseyside Funding Information Portal (MFIP) is supported by local voluntary sector infrastructure organisations across the region – including Knowsley.

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