Social Value UK have just announced the opening of a new assurance round. They deliver assurance on behalf of Social Value International.

Assurance is a way to provide credibility and consistency to your social impact report by getting it assessed by an anonymous and independent panel of assessors according to how well it demonstrates a good understanding of the Seven Principles of Social Value.

You can either assure a social impact report or the author of a report, meaning that the author would then become an Accredited SROI Practitioner.

What are the entry requirements?

If you’re interested in applying for assurance, the first step is to read the Assurance Criteria:


These are the criteria that they use to assess whether a report demonstrates a good understanding of the Seven Principles of Social Value.

What’s the timeline?

02 November – Open for applications

16 November – Deadline for applications closes

11 January – Estimated results date (may be subject to change)

What are the costs?

sva costs

All prices are subject to VAT.

If you’d like a quicker option, they do offer a fast track service for an added £350 fee. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Most reports are of a standard where they do require an extra post assessment amendment period, so please factor this into your budget.

How do I apply?

Just send an email to Clare at to request application forms. Please state whether you would like to apply for report assurance or Accredited Practitioner status in your email.

More information about assurance is available on the Social Value UK website.