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I would like to take the opportunity to express my opinion on our recent Volunteer Co-ordinator meeting at Knowsley Business Centre courtesy of the Big Help Project. It was a great inclusion of all the organisations in the area and I believe this event and any future events will be of great use to us all. It allowed for connections to be made and gave opportunities for organisations to offer aid to others where they can, and converse on numerous subjects.  Ability Net

Hi, can you tell me again when the next volunteer manager conference is please? The one on 21/01/2016 was really good and I got a lot from it.   Stroke Association

 I really enjoyed the meeting this morning and there were several people there that I had on my list to approach so it was really productive – thanks very much for organizing it.  Deafblind UK

I wanted to emailing KCVS for organising the Christmas networking event last Friday.  It was a great event and I am looking forward to attending more of them.  It was great to meet so many people from the local area.  I have come away with a number of leads to follow up so I found it really beneficial.   NWAA


I must say a big thank you for yesterday, I found the information you gave was very informative and useful in relation to our current situation. As you stated we have many options, but the key issue is that we make the right decisions which will be best suited for us through this process. I will follow up on the information you gave, and also the contact details. Will get myself booked on your training days, and hope to see you them.  Performance Studios

Firstly, can I thank you for our half hour session yesterday morning on Raising your Groups Profile.  It was extremely useful and I have brought some good tips, suggestions and ideas away with me.   Also, may I say a thank you for the help you have given Apex Trust over the past few months, Carol and I have received valuable support, advice and help with setting up on  As a Merseyside charity, with a small team, It’s difficult at times to spread yourself everywhere and reach your target audience, you have always taken the time to share our information through twitter, newsletters and have been at the other end of the phone when having difficulties with Do-it .  Apex Trust

Just to say a huge thanks for your help this morning. I thought your advice was really super helpful and I’ll definitely get straight on the actions.  Knowsley CAB

Thank you for sparing the time to visit us today.  We found your input really useful. Good to get an outside perspective on what we are doing and what more we could do.  Claire House


Crowd Funding –  I really enjoyed this morning, lots of really useful information and a great way to express what your organisation is involved with, I found the information about crowd funding really useful and have lots of ideas to run with.  The Big Help Project

SocIal Value Boot Camp – The social value boot camp was a different style of event to most that I have been a part of in the past, and I was immediately struck by how useful it was to those who attended. Rather than have the traditional format of speakers and the audience being passive observers, there was a clear focus on practical learning. I hope that this style of event becomes a regular feature for social enterprises, and there is no reason why it cannot be rolled out to other important challenges facing social enterprises in Knowsley and beyond!  Adam Richards – Advisor on Social Impacts to the FRC Group and Social Impacts Analyst

SocIal Value Boot Camp – Thanks for an interesting day, what was said in the afternoon was useful. Especially in preparation for the business plan!  PSHaw

SocIal Value Boot Camp – Thank you so, so much to all the team for creating this event to allow us to tap into stuff we need to know for supporting our bids for funding.   It’s great to know you guys are available and at the end of an email/phone with support with all of your knowledge, wisdom, experience, openness, insight, integrity and professionalism. I love a win-win-win situation when all you do, helps all I do, to impact on all those who need what we do, together!  Radiant Living

Impact Training – Thank you for your mail, and for the very informative day spent on Friday.  Everton in the Community

Impact Training – Thank you for the info. And thank you for the day, very informative.  Claire House Hospice

Impact Training – Thank you very much, I really enjoyed yesterday as I found out some key, useful information which I can now take with me to my new job.  Nugent Care


Engagement –  Thank you for putting on and facilitating this morning’s event regarding the new well being fund, I found it very informative and useful.  I look forward to receiving the slides and accompanying documents you mentioned in due course.  Wellbeing Enterprises CIC


Organisational Dev –  KCVS were fantastic in facilitating our Strategy Day. A new approach to visioning and values by an inspirational local charity champion gave us a stimulating and energising day. And we kept to time and got exactly what we wanted out of a rare and important session involving Trustees and staff.  I highly recommend KCVS. They reach the parts that other facilitators can’t. Landlife National Wildflower Centre

Volunteering – Thank you to you!  Your session was superb. It was like the ultimate user manual for anyone wanting to get a great volunteer base. Exactly what the teams needed.  Cash for Kids

Marketing –  Just to say thanks very much for your time on Friday to go through the social media stuff.  It has helped me greatly to dragging myself (kicking and screaming) into the 21st Century!!  Deafblind UK