The Community Foundation for Merseyside is pleased to announce the launch of the second round of the Liverpool ONE Foundations Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Well-being funding programme.

The Liverpool ONE Foundation’s aspiration is to achieve a decrease in the number of children and young people up to 25 years of age suffering with mental health problems in Merseyside and they will be looking to support projects that decrease the number of children and young people suffering with mental health problems, raise awareness of mental health issues or remove the stigma currently associated with mental health problems.

What is the focus of the fund:
The primary focus of all projects should be on improving children and young people’s mental health and well-being and preventing the development of mental health problems.

Fund priorities:
Applications are encouraged for projects that concentrate on the prevention of mental health problems and the Foundation is keen to fund projects that help support families and young children to develop methods to equip them with the skills necessary to prevent mental health issues occurring. They also wish to support projects that can be scaled up based on proven results, or projects to pilot and test new approaches and ideas to build evidence to use to further develop and scale up future initiatives.

Examples of the sorts of projects that may be funded:
• Projects developing children’s resilience, e.g. teaching children and young people methods and techniques to equip them with the skills necessary to prevent mental health issues and focus on their mental wellbeing
• Family support such as projects aimed at parents to help prevent the development or escalation of mental health problems in children and young people
• Peer mentoring projects with a focus on mental health and wellbeing
• Projects that look to achieve a positive mind-set change around mental health, e.g. awareness raising projects
• Applications from community and voluntary sector organisations for projects taking place within schools as long as they are additional to national curriculum

How much is available:
• We welcome applications for grants of all sizes for project related costs up to £20,000 over a 12 month period. The Foundation encourages applications for smaller-sized grants as well as larger applications.

Which areas are covered:
• Liverpool City Region (Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St Helens, Wirral)

Any special criteria:
• The programme is targeted at local grassroots groups and is aimed at those with an income of under £500k (larger local charities may still be considered depending on the strength of the project against the fund criteria, but priority will be given to those with an income of under £500k)
• We will continually assess the overall impact and success of your project and the overall impact the Foundation is achieving. Applicants will be expected to work with us to determine the impact and outcomes of their projects.
• As part of their wider strategy, the Liverpool ONE Foundation has developed a Community and Statutory forum consisting of experts working on the front line with children and young people. The forums purpose is to provide opportunities to share best practice, identify gaps or duplication in provision and set some key aspirations for mental health and mental wellbeing. Successful applicants may be invited to participate in the forum, which will take place approx. 4 times per year.
• Training opportunities will also be made available for applicants covering topics such as Mental Health 1st Aid and Resilience

The closing date for applications is Sept 14th 2018. The total budget available is £100k and the panel will be held at the beginning of November 2018. We recommend you apply as soon as possible as if we are significantly oversubscribed we will have to close the fund early so we don’t disappoint too many applicants, however we will publicise this via social media channels and our website to let you know.

How to apply?
Please visit the Community Foundations for Lancashire and Merseyside’s website – and complete an online application form. Once you have submitted the online application you will need to send the documents listed below. If relevant documents are not submitted within 7 days your application will be withdrawn. Please attach your documents to your online application or email them to

Documents which need to be included with your application:
1. A signed and dated copy of the group’s rules or constitution
2. A copy of the group’s latest annual accounts or income/expenditure document
3. A copy of a recent bank statement for your group
4. A signed and dated copy of the group’s current Safeguarding Policy. All applicants must ensure they hold relevant policies and procedures in place to undertake activities, such as DBS checks and/or a health and safety policy, depending on proposed activity.

The following cannot be supported via the fund:
• Statutory organisations or work that is their responsibility
• National organisations that cannot demonstrate local governance/autonomy
• Commercial ventures
• Purchase/maintenance of vehicles
• Activities that will have already taken place before we offer you a grant
• Politically connected or exclusively religious activities
• Projects for personal profit
• Organisations that are established for the benefit of animals or plants
• Debts and other liabilities
• Reclaimable VAT
• Travel outside UK
• Gifts or projects exclusively for the purpose of entertaining

What happens next?
Completed applications are considered by Community Foundation staff to check eligibility. You may be contacted for more information after applying and a decision making panel will make recommendations based on the fund’s criteria and the budget available. You should expect to hear the outcome of your application within 2 weeks of the panel meeting which will be held at the beginning of November 2018.

For further information please contact:
Tina Kennedy, Community Philanthropy Manager
Community Foundations for Lancashire & Merseyside
Third Floor, Stanley Building, 43 Hanover Street, Liverpool, L1 3DN
T: 0151 294 4756 Email: