Knowsley Community Hub  have been put through for Tescos Bags of Help Grant and need your help in winnning funding.  This starts Saturday 1st September and ends October 31st.

Put your blue token in the box to vote for us. The tokens are found at the tills and on the self serve on top of the self server. The stores that you can vote for us are

3065 Prescot L34 5NQ Extra
6442 WHISTON WIN AR RD EXP L35 3PA Express

Knowsley Community Hub  project Incredible Edible Knowsley is about growing food with the community which the community then takes for free. The idea is to reduce food povery and isolation as well as to increase health and wellbeing and to educate.

They are inclusive to all and the money they receive will go to helping build raised beds so that people who are in wheelchairs or are less able bodied can become involved, as well as the tools that are adapted for people with disabilities. They work with people of all ages, people with disabilities, learning disabilities, schools, people with early onset dementia and many more.