Knowsley Better Together

A message from the Leader of the Council

Knowsley Council is committed to working with its Social Sector partners to build a more sustainable and resilient community for the benefit of all our residents. As the Leader of the Council, I am personally championing this agenda and look forward to a more productive and better relationship with the Social Sector as we all have the same objectives. The “Deal” we are promoting together will help us get to where we collectively want to be in the future. I hope these web pages provide a one stop shop of all the information, guidance, contacts and news that we will all need.

Andy Moorhead, Leader of the Council

 Knowsley’s Deal with the Social Sector

Knowsley Council has established “Knowsley Better Together”, a shared agreement for how Knowsley Council and the VCFSE Sector in Knowsley will work together to secure the best possible outcomes for the residents of Knowsley.

The proposals, by Knowsley CVS, suggest how the sector can work together within co-operative principles to drive forward a shared commitment to Knowsley. Working together, the Council aims to secure the positive outcomes that can be achieved through effective partnerships between the public and voluntary sector.

8 Key Principles of the Agreement

  • Be open, transparent and promote equality and fairness within our relationship and throughout our practice with shared accountability to each other and to our communities in Knowsley
  • Innovate to co-design and co-produce new solutions to the needs and opportunities within our Knowsley communities
  • Acknowledge and respect the range of external statutory regulation, acknowledging and respecting the limitations that external regulation can create
  • Acknowledge and constructively address real or perceived barriers to our relationship
  • Recognise the financial constraints we are all working within
  • Strive to build the value of the Knowsley pound, social capital and social value as equal, meaningful and important local economic drivers
  • Recognise and value our shared leadership roles and contributions to support our community
  • Take shared responsibility to seek to support the Social Sector in ways other than funding, recognising this responsibility and offer will differ between partners

Full details can be found here

David Parr Chair – Knowsley CVS

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